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Premium Medical Service Card

Alternative Healthcare and Wellness Network

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Alternative Medicine:

The Integration of Alternative Medicine into Conventional Western Medicine is quickly Revolutionizing the landscape of the American Healthcare System. Patients and Providers are increasingly using Alternative Methods of care that do not rely on invasive procedures or long term use of pharmaceuticals. Tha Alternative Medicine Network is one of the nation's Leading Providers of Integrative Medicine. Our National Network of over 16,000 Practitioners Provides Care to millions of members all across the country.


* 10% to 30% Savings on All Treatments and Services.

* Over 16,000 Practitioners in the Network.

* Over 35 Practitioner Disciplines.

 Services Include:

* Acupunture.

* Nutricional Counseling.

* Massage Theraphy.

* Holistic Medicine.

* Yoga.

* Tai Chi.

* Pilates,  and more.

* No Limits on the Numbers of Visits.

Q. Is there someone who can Answer questions about the Alternative Medicine Discount Benefit?
A. YES. Simply call the Toll-Free Number on the Back of your Membership Card.
Member Services Representatives are standing by to Answer any Questions.

Our Network Providers Offer Discounts from 10% to 30%.

Harold Chittenden
PMSC Independent Sales Representative
Hablamos Español
Phone:(407) 704-5701

Premium Medical Service Card
Corporate Office
5949 E. Colonial Drive
Orlando, Florida 32807
Corporate phone: 1-800-452-2442