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Premium Medical Service Card
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Q. What can I expect to save with this membership?
A. Prices will always vary on prescription drugs and therefore it is impossible to estimate
specific dollar savings through any non-insured drug program. Your membership offers two avenues for drug purchases: The Neighborhood Pharmacy program offers 10% to 60% discounts on acute care medications and the Mail Order Pharmacy guarantees an average of 10% off AARP's prices. Should you receive a quote anywhere else for less than our mail order pharmacy, we will beat it by a minimum of $5.00 on brand name and generic medications priced at $10.00 or more with no postage or dispensing fees added. Savings can not be used in conjunction with other discount or insurance cards.

Neighborhood Pharmacy:
Save 10% to 60% on Most Acute-Care Medications such as Antibiotics and Pain Killers Prescribed to Treat Short Term Illnesses or Conditions.

Mail Order Pharmacy:
*Guaranteed Lowest Prices on Maintenance Medications Prescribed to Treat on-going  Conditions.
* Save an Average of 10% Below AARP prices or $5.00 below the best Retail Price Quote on Brand and Generic Medications Priced over $10.00.
* No Postage or Dispensing Fees Added and the Convenience of Home Delivery.


Harold Chittenden
PMSC Independent Sales Representative
Hablamos Español
Phone: (407) 704-5701

Premium Medical Service Card
Corporate Office
5949 E. Colonial Drive
Orlando, Florida 32807
Corporate phone: 1-800-452-2442